Cleaning with Microfiber

What is Microfiber?

MicrofiberMicrofiber is a very fine synthetic fiber — 100 times finer than human hair — composed of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide (nylon). The fibers are split to increase absorbency and create microscopic hooks.

Split microfibers allow for more aggressive cleaning and removal of microscopic debris than conventional methods.
Many facilities can operate in a cleaner environment by using microfiber cleaning products. Schools, healthcare facilities and offices are all appropriate settings for the use of microfiber wet and dry pads.

With rising concern over Indoor Air Quality, microfiber cleaning systems continue to be developed that keep cleaning for health as their foremost goal.

Why use Microfiber?

  • Cleans more effectively
  • Cleans faster by eliminating unnecessary steps
  • Reduces material costs by using far less chemicals
  • Eliminates cross contamination by requiring a fresh mop and fresh chemicals for each area
  • Reduces workers compensation claims because it requires less heavy lifting and movement
  • Improves image of the housekeeping staff with less intrusive and quieter equipment
  • Promotes Green Cleaning by drastically reducing waste water and chemical disposal
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